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7 Reasons Why You Should Plan A Wedding At The Picturesque Goa

Most people fantasize about a dream wedding at a romantic locale. It is this desire that is drawing many couples and families to destination weddings these days. This allows the family and the couple to enjoy the special day in their own special way. To make this day a memorable one, every other person wants it to be something that reflects their personality, which may not be possible in their home town or cities. Again, most of these destinations are far away from the din and bustle of city life. A wedding in a resort, cruise, or best hotels in places surrounded by natural beauty is what most ordinary and not-so-ordinary couples are looking for. If you are looking for such a destination to tie the sacred knot, there is nothing better than Goa.

The beautiful locale, the scenic beauty, and the relaxing environment offer all that you are looking for and more. However, there are many other reasons why beach weddings in Goa are gaining popularity.

1. Weddings Set In The Lap Of Nature

Just imagine that you have to travel to another part of the city to reach a resort for the wedding, as the resort will be available only for a day. Or assume yourself traveling down the busy street to come back from the beauty parlor before your wedding. Weddings in Goa in less crowded beach resorts score higher than the city weddings. The refreshing sea breeze, the crystal clear blue sea, and the golden rays of the sun adding that special shimmer to the
moving waters offers a perfect setting for your marriage. This along with the chanting of the Vedic mantras is enough to transport you into an idyllic world.

2. Far From the Maddening Crowd

Marriages and receptions can become an arduous affair for people who are averse to handling crowds. A wedding at your native place or in your city of residence may mean saying ‘hello’ and smiling at people who may be completely unknown to you. This can be a tiring experience.

When you decide to have a wedding in Goa, you may invite only a handful of friends and close family. This not only reduces the cost but it offers the newly-weds the freedom to enjoy their wedding and spend some intimate time. With the wedding planners taking care of the comfort of the guests, the couple and the families have enough time to interact with each other.

3. A Custom-made Wedding

With Goa becoming a popular wedding destination, the place makes available many unique facilities to you. Most couples nowadays have a preconceived idea about what their wedding should be like. You can make your wedding a truly Indian affair or a westernized one. You might choose to have it on a quiet beach or inside the area of the resorts that offer special packages for weddings including food and beverages, decoration and every other nitty-gritty.

Construction of tailor-made ‘mandaps’, costume and jewelry for the couple and the dresses for the guests, a musical performance of your liking, all this make this special day really unforgettable for you.

4. A Popular Honeymoon Destination

After a wedding in the city, couples usually plan a honeymoon at a different destination. When you plan a wedding in Goa, you do not need to plan separately for a honeymoon destination. The happy-go-easy lifestyle of the local population, an abundance of good food, and the vibrant night-life make it an ideal place for you to enjoy your days of togetherness. In fact, when you are in Goa, you begin your first vacation together, even before you have actually tied the knot.

The music created by the lashing of the waves from the Arabian sea, the shining white sand, and a cool breeze blowing at your face create a romantic environment for you to enjoy. With hotels and resorts available at a wide range of costs, you can choose one that suits your budget and preference.

5. A Favored Holiday Destination

Planning a wedding in Goa has an irresistible charm for all. Wedding at a beach resort away from the city has its own attraction as not only the newlywed couple can have an intimate honeymoon, but the guests can also enjoy a small separate vacation on their own once the various wedding occasions are over. Almost everyone has Goa on their wish-list of exotic holidays. No one would say no to an unexpected invitation to a dream beach resort wedding.
Fond memories of the wedding would be cherished for a long time and would remain as a memorable event in everyone’s mind.

6. No Hassel or Responsibilities

Indian Weddings are an elaborate affair and need meticulous planning. So that nothing goes wrong, the family has to take care of minute details with numerous vendors till the wedding is over. Then off-course there is last moment glitches which need instant resolution. This leaves hardly any time for the family to relax and enjoy the wedding and spend some enjoyable time with the guests who would have come from far and wide. In Goa, once the wedding planner takes over, you can actually be a guest in your own family wedding and just relax and enjoy the serenity of the locations, the company of the guests and also relax and have some good time for yourself as well.

7. Affordable and Cost-Effective

There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to professional wedding planners and event management companies that can provide end to end solutions. They are usually local players and have access to the best deals available for your wedding in Goa. From choosing the ideal location in Goa to the best deals on hotel bookings, menu planning, wedding planning, and rituals, these wedding planners can provide a ready solution at a very reasonable cost compared to the cost and trouble of planning a wedding elsewhere.

Come To Goa For a Lavish Wedding

So, what are you waiting for? If you are to wed soon, why not think of Goa to be the venue for the wedding. The place is well connected to major cities and is easily accessible from Mumbai via train or flight. Of course, you may need to spend a little more on traveling within the city.

But that extra cost is taken care of, by the expenses you save on the total wedding cost. And if you are ready to spend, Goa can also be the place offering you the most lavish wedding.

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