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V Resorts Royal Castle Ghanerao, Ranakpur

Weddings at V Resorts Royal Castle Ghanerao

When you have planned your wedding day to be very special and unique, you tend to look into decided what you prefer to make your wedding day to be special. The V Resorts Royal Castle Ghanerao will offer you the simple but elegant wedding you always dreamed of. Located in the midday between Udaipur and Jodhpur, the castle is 500-years old, and the royal family of that town still resides inside its marvelous marble and stone structure.

The resort offers a five-heritage deluxe room, which comes with a separate lounging area, living room and bedroom with an attached washing room as well. Your guests will be living in the pleasure of luxury in this resort, as it offers their best service and care to them. To make it even for elegant, due to the resorts’ rich history, you might look into making your wedding a bit more sophisticated for which The V Resorts Royal Castle Ghanerao royal weddings will be in your list as well. Giving yourself of being treated like royalty is like traveling back in time.