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Hotel Jaisalkot, Jaisalmer

Weddings at Hotel Jaisalkot, Jaisalmer

Looking to hold your dream wedding in the land of the kings and queens? To feel like royalty on your wedding day, Hotel Jaisalkot, Jaisalmer will be the perfect choice for you. The hotel will offer you the ambiance of the lost royalty and the great view of the Maidan or the vast desert scape. Sitting on an area of 25 acres of land surrounded with a strong and majestic fort, which belonged to history’s bravest and fearless warrior clans of all time-The Rajputs.

This hotel will give you a chance to go back in time and treat you and your guests as of the royals and you will also be given a chance to feel the luxury and hospitality of a queen or a king. The best wedding planner in jaisalmer will offer you traditional customs and rituals for you to choose from. They also offer their best accommodation for your guests and family members to enjoy the luxury of relaxing. Their rooms vary from Kunwar, Rawal, Maharani, and Maharawal.

The destination wedding planner will offer you to choose from the decorations of your wedding hall, to planning your reception. Make it memorable, make it royal by planning your dream wedding at this location.