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Himmatgarh Palace, Jaisalmer

Weddings at Himmatgarh Palace, Jaisalmer

In the heart of the Thar Desert there stands this beautiful palace built with yellow sandstone, filled with history and story of the mighty and fearless clans, who once ruled this land. Standing tall, detailed carvings and designs on the exterior makes the Himmatgarh Palace royal weddings to make your fairytale theme wedding to come true.

Offering you with their warm and caring hospitality, this palace comes with accommodations fit for a king. The rooms come in Deluxe, Luxury Bhurj, and Extra Bed. You get to experience the vintage and rustic look of the rooms and it will make you feel like you are living in the 12th century. Himmatgarh Palace in Jaisalmer come with outdoor dining area, campfire retreats, and lets you experience an outdoor style wedding in the Thar Desert.

To have a floral and colorful wedding, you can have a word with the Royal Palace Wedding Planner. You can offer your ideas and your ideal wedding concept, or you can let them do their job and deliver you the elegance and royal style wedding you want.