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Fateh Prakash palace, Udaipur

Weddings at Fateh Prakash palace, Udaipur

The Fateh Prakash Palace is a private place where visitors are treated like royalty. The palace has been meticulously preserved for discerning visitors and couples like you who want a majestic wedding ceremony in every way.

This hotel on the eastern shore of Lake Pichola, which looks like a castle from a fairytale, has collaborated with an Indian wedding planner. Authentic historical paintings from the Maharana era adorn the walls of every suite and bed. The furniture is also from history books, and it envelops you in velvet comfort.

The hotel provides a wide range of facilities, which is why the best royal wedding planners in India recommend it to you. Fitness centers, tennis courts, steam rooms, and a band will keep you and your guests entertained. The Panghat Spa & Beauty Salon, which provides ayurvedic treatments to improve beauty, is another hotel specialty. If you and your partner are interested in history, you can request a MaharanaMewar Special Library visit.

Services and facilities:

This magnificent palace greets its visitors with a warm welcome that lifts their spirits in preparation for the upcoming wedding festivities. In addition to the luxuries offered by this hotel, guests will enjoy outstanding amenities such as -

  1. Services for specially-abled

  2. Suryadarshan, a stylish bar

Fateh Prakash Palace also offers luxury accommodations to its tourists in addition to the amenities. The well-appointed, spacious, and sophisticated rooms and suites can make you feel like royalty

The Rajputana lifestyle is visible in the hotel's rooms and suites. The palace's rooms and suites are divided into five categories: Palace Rooms, Deluxe Suites, Luxury Suites, Luxury Suites with Sit Out, Grand Luxury Suites, and Royal Suites. The butler service at the palace is the icing on the cake for this fairytale home.

Wedding Venues:

Exchange vows in this beautiful location, which is decorated in royal Indian style. The opulence of this luxury palace's setting will add to the allure of your dream wedding. Udaipur's Fateh Prakash Palace has everything you need for your fairytale wedding. This hotel's knowledgeable staff is happy to tailor wedding ceremonies to your specific requirements. You have a number of options for hosting your functions here, like -

  1. The wedding ceremony will be held at Jagmandir Island Palace

  2. A cocktail party by the lake.

  3. Sangeet at Manek Chowk.

  4. The Zenana Mahal, which acts as a reception area.

The wedding will be extra special thanks to your lovely flowery decorations.

Wedding guests will be accommodated at Fateh Prakash Palace Udaipur, which has lovely lawns, a terrace, and a hall.

  1. The Zenana Mahal is a 400-seater with 500 floating seats.

  2. The Manek Chowk has a seating capacity of 800 people and a floating capacity of 1000 people.

  3. At the pool, there are 200 seats and 300 floating chairs.

  4. Jagmandir Island Palace has a seating capacity of 800 people and a floating capacity of 1000 people.

Wedding Food:

Fateh Prakash Palace has fine dining restaurants and provides gracious hospitality to its wedding guests. Enjoy a variety of delectable foreign cuisines and signature Indian dishes to get a taste of the real thing. Your guests will be enthralled by the mouthwatering cuisines prepared by their top chefs, as well as live Rajasthani music. During the wedding ceremonies, relax with your favorite drink, cocktail, soft drink, and light snacks. You can even personalize your wedding menu to your liking. Every meal is prepared with fresh ingredients and adheres to strict sanitation guidelines.