The best reasons to hire a wedding planner

Several brides and grooms think that they can plan their own wedding because it is their event. They assume that they can rope in a few friends and family members to take care of everything. In the end, everybody is left with a lot of stress until the couple gets married. No matter how grand or simple you want the wedding to be, there is always a need for a planner. The words wedding planner and wedding coordinator are often used interchangeably. Even though the roles appear to be similar they are distinct when it comes to functioning. While a coordinator will begin his or her work two weeks or a month before the actual day, it is the planner who specializes in looking at every detail and making the wedding successful.

Still wondering why you should call the wedding planner?


No, it is not impossible to have a perfect wedding, be it big or small. However, it calls in for a lot of efforts and legwork to actually make it happen. Since the planner has experience and expertise in organizing weddings, he knows what could possibly go wrong and how to overcome it. The planner knows a lot of people and has a huge network to arrange anything from food to decoration at the most budgeted prices. Even making last-minute arrangements becomes as easy as eating a cake for the planner. Every detail from color coordination to the comfort of the guests is the responsibility of the planner and he will perform it at his best.

Sticking To Budget:

Accept it you wouldn’t mind splurging a little after all it’s your wedding. However, spending out of the budget would only lead you to compromise. You will have to make up for the spent money by taking a loan or cutting down other things that you would have wanted for the wedding. This is where the wedding planner has a crucial role to play. Managing money is the hardest and trickiest part of the wedding. Your planner will act as a financial advisor and keep you on a check. A plan will be charted out and the planner will simply make you stick to it.

Keep Up the Spirits:

When you decide to plan your own wedding and even put in all your efforts, in the end, the physical stress will show up on your face. Chances are you might even forget to plan and book a service in advance. If you hire a wedding planner then he is the one who will be on his toes and makes sure that all the arrangements are in the proper place. While you get to participate in your wedding planning, you will enjoy the process instead of stressing over it. Not to mention, the excitement will keep you from sleeping, eating or working, the stress will not ruin your look.

Trustworthy Services:

While you set out for the first time to look out for the caterers or decorators, you will be clouded with doubts. Will they deliver you with quality food? Will they offer you the services on time? Trusting any service will be an issue for you but for a wedding planner, it is much easier. In fact, the planner will have contacts of all the right suppliers as per the different styles and prices. All he has to do is pick the one that matches your taste and book their services.

Keeping a track of the deadlines and meeting them well in advance is what a planner does the best. Right from picking the wedding venue to booking the honeymoon suite, a planner knows it all. It is a wedding planner who is prepared for the event more than anybody else. When you have a specialist working for you, you can concentrate on enjoying every phase of it!

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