9 ways to cut down your wedding guest list – without grief

Marriage is very important even in every individual’s life. Families in India celebrate this in a lavish way from centuries. These day’s traditional weddings are being replaced with a destination wedding and other contemporary styles. Even with new trends and styles the excitement of weddings is still on a high. There will be many different things which you will have to pay attention when you are planning for all the rituals. One aspect which will require a lot of attention is your wedding guest list. You will have to know about the numbers of guests who are to be invited to all the ceremonies.

If you have a low budget then controlling this list will be very important. Mentioned below are some ways which can easily help you in cutting down your wedding guest list without any grief.

  1. If the ones you want to invite our guests of the guests you want to invite then you can cut them off from the list.  These are called plus ones. Though you may give your guests an option to come with the company having people you do not know at all will be an extra expense.
  2. The family will always matter in a wedding. Ask your family if they want to invite their friends. But tell them to keep it short and avoid those who are just acquaintances. This will help avoid additional costs.
  3. If you are planning a destination wedding, it is not necessary that you call all those you know over there. This is not needed. You will surely not want to call everyone and make them feel unwanted or insulted.
  4. When you are holding your event in the same city where you live and you have people whom you do not see or meet outside other events then you can also cancel them from your list.
  5. Those who do not talk to you for years but are just known to some of your friends then including them in your wedding guest list is a big NO. These can include co-workers from some other branch, school-college friends, etc.
  6. You can invite your neighbors for this special day. But inviting them in numbers like their friends and first cousins will be a bad option. This will just increase the list and all your expenses.
  7. If you want to invite somebody, try to think about your relationship five years from now. Will you keep in regular touch with them? If the answer is a No then cutting down from the list will be a good option.
  8. You should also avoid calling those whom you have dated in the past. Keeping these relationships far will be a wise option.
  9. If you have invitees who are known for skipping events then you can also cut their names until and unless they are very close to your family.

Along with these 9 ways, there are many others too which will help you make a proper guest list keeping away all the extras.

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