Bhairav Garh Palace, Udaipur

Weddings at Bhairav Garh Palace

The luxury resort of Bhairav Garh Palace rests on the heart of the Mewar region and takes its place at the picturesque top of the Aravalli hills. The hotel is famous for its hospitality, world-class service, and distinct taste and also for destination weddings. The hotel has an excellent rating on relevant websites which makes it an excellent choice.

Best destination wedding planners in India recommends this hotel not only for its delightful guest service but also for its recognition of being one of the most renowned venues for destination weddings. The portfolio on the hotel’s website speaks for itself where you can see and believe in the ability of the hotel to create a ceremony filled with grandeur and flair.

Your Indian wedding planner will work in coordination with the hotel to arrange everything related to the ceremonies. Every aspect of a celebration will receive attention starting from the mandap, the aisle, centerpieces, dance floor, stage, lighting, make-up and hair artists, music and entertainment, horses and elephants for procession and fireworks.