The Ananta, Udaipur

Weddings at The Ananta

The Ananta stands against a backdrop of the Aravalli hills and creates a fairytale-like experience for its guests and also destination wedding couples. The charming façade of the hotel captures the loveliness of your vacation and wedding ceremony aesthetically. The hotel is over a lush green zone and occupies a vast area.

Destination wedding planner in Udaipur recommends the Ananta for its villas and various dining outlets. What is a marriage ceremony at a boutique destination and hotel where you can’t stay at a villa? There are a swimming pool and spa which offers spa therapy, bath treatment and yoga application for refreshment.

A destination wedding where your guests will follow you need to have amenities for members of every age and characteristics. A destination wedding planner in Rajasthan solves this problem with The Ananta which has a particular area reserved for kid’s activities. Don’t hesitate to call as many guests as you can muster, for The Ananta has the largest divisible banquet halls in the entire state.