Photography & Videography


Capturing moments of a wedding is very important activity of the whole ceremony. Photography, videography or cinematography is a medium of storing sweet memories that could be cherished at a later stage. This special event of capturing memories has also gone through a phase of a great revolution. The traditional method of creating photo album and marriage CDs has changed tremendously. To withstand with the changing techniques and technology of photography and videography you require a team of professionals who could cover each and every important aspect of the event with the needed depth and technique.

Since we know that you won’t ever want to miss even the minute detail of your auspicious occasion. The world has changed and so has changed the world photography. In the era of HD technology taking over the standard VGS displays the cinematography has also become high definition. To offer you the crystal clear coverage of your event we have done tie-ups with some of the best professional photographers and cinematographers for covering our events as per your requirements.

Our selected professionals are well recognized names in the media and entertainment industry that need no further introduction. They will leave no stone unturned to offer you the extreme satisfaction that you are looking for.

In certain special events organized by us we have hired the shooting crew from the dream city i.e. Bollywood aka Mumbai. Yet in the small city like Udaipur there are many professional photographers and cinematographers who have attained name and fame in their respected field. Many young talented professional photographers of Udaipur have gained recognition in professional events and beauty pageant held in different parts of the world.

Depending on the volume of work, the quantity & quality of output and your budgetary requirements we can offer you a complete package of still photography and cinematography. If required we can also provide you the additional support for covering the event thorough various social medial channels like facebook, youtube and twitter etc.

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